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Ultimate Consumer Seminar

Latest Cooling Measures:
Who will feel it most - Home owners or investors?

Wednesday, 17 May | 7PM
Dinner Provided!
Contact me to RSVP your spot!


*Ultimate Consumer Seminar*

Latest Cooling Measures: Who will feel it the most - Home Owners or Investors?

 Date: 17 May 2023 (Wednesday)

 Time: 7pm

 Speaker: Thomas Tan, ERA Chief Learning Officer

 Venue: North Gaia Sales Gallery (Located right beside 425 Canberra Road)
This seminar is OPEN TO ALL. 
*_Dinner provided_*

 How does the latest cooling measures affect the Singapore's property market?

 Why are Executive Condominiums still a value-buy despite the market uncertainty?


Chief Learning Officer Thomas Tan will be addressing these questions and more during the upcoming Ultimate Consumer Seminar live in North Gaia's sales gallery.

Please contact and send me your details for registration purposes. See you there!

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Name: Bernard Wang

Hp: 93827818

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